Known & reported issues: Updated 10/03/16


  • Game, or specific Hero (usually Monty), progress appears to reset – this can be fixed by completely shutting down and reopening the app. Some Quests may get bugged or restored during the process. Please review this thread for information on how to contact support – they can help you with the Quests.

  • Crashes during store purchases. Please review this thread for information on how to contact support – they can help you with any missing purchases or items.

  • General crashes. If you are experiencing multiple crashes please first make sure you are logged into your Kongregate account and then uninstall and reinstall the game. We have found this fixes the problem for many players who have installed multiple updates.

  • Recent bug fixes in the latest update (1.1.5) are listed here.

  • Sky Piercer is incorrectly causing damage to shields. Fix to come in 1.2.0 update.

  • Diverting Disc is not causing burn splash damage. Fix to come in 1.2.0 update.

  • It can appear neutral cards can not be shared within a class. This can be resolved by exiting card management and going back, but we are working on a fix.

  • ‘Best score’ not registering dungeon wins correctly in the Gauntlet.

  • Mutton Chops not causing damage on autobattle

Under Investigation

  • Logan’s Holy Water doesn’t cure the attack-down debuff of the Charm Spore.

  • Bree trait bugs; doesn’t effect whole ally hand if they have a card queued to be dealt and trait ‘lost’ when round ends (for all Heroes)

  • Fergus trait not returning damage

  • Freezes using shields (in particular Power Shield and Impale Shield)

  • Gauntlet Floor 4 crash when using Bree’s Active Healing Kiss and Floor 3 crash with Remedy Rush

  • Multi target cards not effecting whole enemy party if line up changes before card turn ends

  • Some Android players reporting problems with bonus loot


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